Hikvision DS-2CE56D5T-AVPIR3ZH TurboHD Series 2MP Outdoor HD-TVI Dome Camera


The TurboHD Series 2MP Outdoor HD-TVI Dome Camera from Hikvision is a versatile surveillance camera that can be used in a myriad of security solutions. The camera features HD-TVI technology, providing you with high-definition video over coaxial cables. This allows you to upgrade an existing surveillance setup while still keeping your BNC wiring. With a 2MP high-performance CMOS sensor, the camera features 1920 x 1080 high-quality video resolution, and it uses a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens for a 103° to 32.1° horizontal field of view. In addition, you can easily pan, tilt, and zoom the camera for choosing the exact view area you would like to monitor. There are up to four programmable motion detection zones and eight programmable privacy masking areas for personalizing the camera to your specific requirements. Backlight compensation, digital noise reduction, automatic gain composure, and adjustable white balance enhancements assist in providing clear video footage, regardless of changing light levels. Furthermore, the onscreen display menu allows you to make quick changes to the camera's light settings for increasing image sharpness and brightness. The camera is IP66- and IK10-rated for use outdoors and in high-risk areas, and it has a built-in heater for operating in temperatures as low as -40°F.

Offers high-resolution imaging passed through coaxial cables

Infrared LEDs provide up to 130' of night vision, even in complete darkness

On-screen display operates through on-board control

UTC offers detailed settings of features for adjusting the camera to specific needs

Easily pan, tilt, and rotate the camera for choosing a specific view area

DNR setting allows for cleaner images by removing unwanted noise

Day/Night and backlight compensation for viewable images in changing light levels

Wide Dynamic Range enables you to capture detailed pictures in ambient lighting

Adjustable white balance creates accurate color depiction

Automatic gain control maintains strong illumination signals

Motion detection can be programmed for up to 4 zones

Privacy-masking zones allow you to record only desired areas

Built-in heater with IP66- and IK10-ratings for use outdoors and in high-risk areas

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