Gefen EXT-HDBOOST-141 Booster for HDMI with EDID Detective

SKU: sil69586

  • Gefen EXT-HDBOOST-141

    Extends HDMI up to 115 feet at 4K Ultra HD resolutions

    he Gefen Booster for HDMI with EDID Detective extends HDMI up to 150 feet (45 meters) at 1080p Full HD and up to 115 feet (35 meters) at 4K Ultra HD and 4K Cinema resolutions, using standard copper HDMI cables. HD and Ultra HD displays use EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to ensure that a connected Hi-Def source sends compatible audio and video signals. In some scenarios, this data can be lost, resulting in an incorrect signal or complete loss of audio and/or video. With DDC re-clocking technology, the reliability of HDCP handshaking is improved, ensuring that the Hi-Def source always receives the correct EDID. Using the Gefen Syner-G™ software, the installer can also modify the EDID data to meet installation-specific requirements and resolve system-level compatibility issues. This Gefen Booster-Detective has been designed for quick and easy programming and installation

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