Flexson FLXSAWM1021 Sonos Amp Wall Bracket - Black


Mount it on a wall or even attach it to the rear of your TV - the Flexson wall mount for Sonos Amp allows you to best position your Sonos Amp whilst keeping things tidy.

Once the steel plate is mounted to the wall, the Sonos Amp simply slides into position and is held securely. Cables can then be safely concealed within the stylish cable cover, which matches the colour of the Sonos Amp.

The Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos Amp can also be fitted to the rear of a TV.

  • Allows Sonos Amp to be mounted to a wall, freeing up space
  • Cable cover with knock-outs keep things clean and tidy
  • Fits to rear of a TV using VESA mounts
  • Sonos Amp and cable cover can be inverted
  • Color-matched to Sonos Amp
  • Steel construction

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