DrayTek Vigor3900 Quad-WAN Gigabit Firewall Wired Router


DrayTek Vigor3900 is a world-class multi-WAN router. Four gigabit Ethernet WAN ports support load balancing, redundancy and failover to ensure reliable network connectivity. As flexible as this router is, it is also highly secure, with comprehensive firewalls and more. Up to 500 VPN tunnels and 200 SSL VPN tunnels provide secure connectivity between remote workers and your business' network.

The USB ports on the DrayTek Vigor 3900 router give you even more network options. Plug a USB dongle from your cellular carrier into the router and connect to your mobile network. The router can facilitate SMS, email alerts and notification object profiles. Bandwidth management and traffic monitoring let you maintain data exchanges through all of the WAN and LAN connections.

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