Cisco MR44 Wireless Dual-Band Indoor Access Point Kit with 5-Year Enterprise License and Support


Stay covered with this B&H Kit comprised of a Cisco Meraki MR44 Wireless Dual-Band Indoor Access Point with a 5-Year Enterprise License and support. Compatible with 2x2:2 (2.4 GHz) & 4x4:4 (5 GHz) MU-MIMO 802.11ax network connectivity, this indoor access point enables dual-radio aggregate frame rates up to 3 Gb/s and sports an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) beacon and scanning radio. Plus, a 5-Year Enterprise License delivers cloud-based management, a browser-based dashboard, support, and more.

Cisco Meraki MR44 Wireless Dual-Band Indoor Access Point

Quickly enhance your retail, food service, or hospitality business's wireless network coverage with the Meraki MR44 Wireless Dual-Band Indoor Access Point from Cisco. Designed to provide reliable high-speed connections in medium-density environments, the Meraki MR44 takes advantage of the 160 MHz channels to transfer up to 3 Gb/s over the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Beamforming helps to maintain strong connections over distances while OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies provide optimized, simultaneous communications with multiple compatible devices. Connect the Meraki MR44's 2.5G Ethernet uplink port to a PoE compatible network switch to transfer data and power over a single cable. Alternatively, you can power the access point using a separately purchased DC adapter. Other features include a Bluetooth Low Energy radio for scanning.

Meraki MR44 protects your wireless network from hacking with a dedicated wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) and wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) radio and hardware-accelerated encryption.
Built-In Guest Access
Meraki cloud management provides the ability to customize and integrate splash pages onto each Meraki MR access point, with options for click-through or sign-on splash using your own RADIUS server or the Meraki cloud-based RADIUS user database. The Meraki MR series features a complete array of built-in captive portal tools, including a guest ambassador portal for new-user sign-on, splash sign-in tracking, application blocking and traffic shaping, free and paid tiers of access, integrated credit card processing and prepaid code generation, and splash bypass for corporate-issued or recognized devices.
The Meraki MR series tracks probing MAC addresses from associated and non-associated clients. This data is exported in real time from the access points to Meraki's cloud for analytics; information is then calculated and presented in the Meraki dashboard to display metrics such as user dwell time, repeat visits, and capture rate (people passing by vs. engaging with a site). This information can be used by retail, hospitality, and enterprise customers to understand foot traffic and visitor behavior across sites in order to facilitate optimization of opening hours, marketing campaigns, and staffing policies.
Distributed Packet Processing
Each Meraki wireless access point feature a high-performance CPU and extended memory resources that enforce layer 3 to 7 firewall policies, hardware-accelerated encryption, voice and video optimization, network access control (NAC), and more. Meraki networks scale seamlessly, and you can add capacity by simply deploying more APs without concern for controller bottlenecks or choke points. Additionally, built-in packet-processing resources to secure and control client traffic without need for a wireless LAN controller.
Meraki Health
A unified network infrastructure platform allows IT organizations to achieve faster issue remediation, maximize uptime, and optimize performance. By ingesting data from a complete network infrastructure platform, the Meraki Health heuristics engine rapidly identifies anomalies impacting wireless end users' experiences across every stage of client connectivity for rapid root cause analysis and response.
Rich analytics ensure performance levels with color-coded historical metrics such as signal quality, client count, wireless latency, channel utilization, and data rates allow for time-based correlation to significant events. Real-time analytics are provided for specific access points as well as individual wireless clients. Client timelines include automated root cause identification and suggested remediation for client connectivity failures.

Cisco Meraki MR Enterprise License and Support (5-Year)

This 5-year Meraki MR Enterprise License and Support from Cisco enables a host of functions for one Meraki MR-series access point. Features include cloud-based management from a browser-based dashboard that removes the need for an on-site hardware controller. The license also includes access to a powerful suite of multi-site management tools with network-wide visibility and control in addition to automated features such as firmware and security updates.

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