Bose Smart Soundbar 600 (Black) 873973-1100


Improve movie night with surround sound audio that doesn't require a complicated setup, with the Smart Soundbar 600 from Bose. The Smart Soundbar 600 sits alone, easily placed on your TV stand or mounted to the wall with an optional bracket. Inside are five drivers: two facing to each side, two facing up, and one centered ahead. The combination bounces sound around your room, delivering clear dialogue up front and properly placed surround sound effects to your sides, rear, and above you. The Smart Soundbar 600 uses Bose's TrueSpace and support for Dolby Atmos for immersive movies and TV, and allows you to wirelessly stream music via a variety of methods from your PC and mobile devices, turning your living room into a true home entertainment center.

Music Streaming
You have plenty of options when it comes to streaming music, podcasts, and more from your mobile devices through the Bose Smart Soundbar 600. The soundbar offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Chromecast built-in, and support for Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and the Bose Music app.
Bose Music App
Use the Bose Music app with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to set preferences, manage grouped Bose products, access music for streaming, and more.
Group Bose Speakers
The Smart Soundbar 600 can be grouped with other Wi-Fi-enabled Bose speakers; either within the room to deliver a larger soundstage, or throughout your home. Play the same song from all speakers, or choose different songs for different rooms/speakers. Within your living room, you can enhance the surround experience with your movies and shows by adding an optional subwoofer and rear speakers.
Multiple Ways to Control
You have a variety of methods of controlling your evening with the Smart Soundbar 600. Use the included remote control, mobile app, or your voice. The soundbar supports Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, but can also work with Google Assistant when using a compatible Google device. Thanks to Bose's Voice4Video feature, you can expand Alexa's capabilities to control the soundbar, your TV, and cable or satellite box. To make voice control seamless, Bose implemented a noise-rejecting microphone array to ensure that your commands are clearly heard.
Bluetooth SimpleSync
Pair your Bose Bluetooth headphones or speakers to the Smart Soundbar 600 for a private listening experience, or to add more sound to the room.
Additional Features
  • Simplify setup with HDMI using eARC
  • Optical audio connection
  • Sleek matte-black top with wraparound metal grille
UPC: 017817841467

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