Bose Professional 738453-0210 Pan-and-Tilt Bracket for Select Loudspeakers (White)


The RMUBRKT1 is a pan-and-tilt bracket that is attached to the rear panel threaded inserts of all RoomMatch Utility loudspeakers, F1 Model 812 Active and Passive loudspeakers as well as the Panaray 402 Series IV. This bracket allows both pitch and yaw adjustments to enable flexible mounting options. The RMUBRKT1 fits the 4x M8 threaded inserts (127 x 70 mm) on the rear panel of the F1 Model 812, Panaray 402 Series IV, RMU208, RMU206 and RMU108 models, as well as the 2x M8 threaded inserts (75 mm spacing) on the rear panel of the RMU105 model.

Key Features

  • Fits all RMU loudspeakers, F1 Loudspeakers, and Panaray 402 Series IV
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Convenient hook-and-lock method for easy mounting

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