Bose Professional 743375-1410 PowerShare PS602 2-Channel Adaptable Power Amplifier


The PS602 is a 2-channel installed amplifier, that allows its total 600 Watts to be shared across both outputs. Independently control the output level, EQ, and low-impedance/high-impedance (Low-Z/Hi-Z) settings for each output. Onboard configurable loudspeaker processing and direct access to zone controllers eliminate the need for an additional signal processor in many installations, while outstanding audio performance and reliability are assured with advanced technologies. This unique set of features and technologies makes PowerShare one of the extremely versatile high-performance amplifiers.

Key Features

  • PowerShare technology
  • Load-independent outputs
  • DFL system
  • Auto-Standby

PowerShare technology

PowerShare technology allows the total 600 Watts of power to be shared asymmetrically across all outputs, as each output is capable of delivering full power. Instead of selecting amplifier power, based on the needs of the large zone, installers now have the freedom to use total amplifier power in the application. This enables more flexibility during the initial design, or later on-site, when making unplanned changes, that take advantage of surplus power.

Load-independent outputs

Each channel can be configured for low-impedance or high-impedance applications without bridging, use of jumpers, or software settings.

DFL system

The dual feedback loop system, inherited from the field-proven amplifier line, improves performance and reliability through continuous monitoring and control of both the current and voltage, delivered to each output load. This combination provides improved linearity and lower distortion, while protecting loudspeakers.


Designed to save power consumption when not in use. PowerShare amplifiers can be configured to automatically enter standby mode, when the audio signal falls below a set threshold, then wake when audio returns.

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