Bose Professional 719782-1420 FreeSpace IZA 2120-LZ Integrated Zone Amplifier (Silver)


For background/foreground music and paging applications, Bose FreeSpace IZA 2120-LZ integrated zone amplifier elevates the audio experience, when using loudspeakers. Optimized for commercial applications, FreeSpace IZA amplifiers feature selectable loudspeaker EQ to enrich audio quality, Opti-voice paging for clear speech intelligibility, while providing seamless transitions and dynamic EQ, that ensures full and balanced music at any volume level.

Key Features

  • Opti-voice paging equalizes the vocal frequency range for clear speech intelligibility
  • Dynamic EQ ensures full and balanced music at any volume level
  • Independent loudspeaker EQ per output enriches audio quality and simplifies connection to loudspeakers
  • Remote solution for volume/source selection eliminates the need for in-line volume controls
  • Expansion-ready connectivity with amplifiers to drive additional zones
  • Reliable amplification, optimized for low-impedance applications
  • Intuitive feature setup enables the amplifier to be configured without a PC
  • Auto-Standby feature allows the amplifier to consume less power when not in use
  • Simplified front panel interface provides end users with tone, source selection and master volume controls
  • Remote muting allows the amplifier to be muted via a centralized control system

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