Bose Professional 374847-0110 F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker (Passive)


The F1 Model 812 from Bose is a passive flexible array loudspeaker that offers four different vertical coverage patterns, allowing users to optimize their sound to fit the performance environment. Whether you're playing at floor level, on stage facing a dance floor, or facing raked seats or bleachers, you can adapt your PA to the room.

The speaker features eight mid/high frequency drivers and a single 12" woofer that combine to provide a frequency range of 47 Hz to 20 kHz with a peak SPL of 125 dB. The eight mid/high drivers are mounted on a flexible baffle, which allows you to push or pull the array into position to create four vertical coverage patterns: "Straight," "J," "Reverse J," or "C." The F1 Passive requires active equalization to achieve the full frequency response and tonal balance. There are four loudspeaker equalization presets available for each of the four array positions. These can be used in both Bose and 3rd party processors.

The speaker features an integrated pole mount for use with standard tripod speaker stands. Additionally, the enclosure is fitted with six M8 threaded insert points that can be combined with a full suite of optional mounting accessories. The rear panel offers two parallel-wired Neutrik NL4 connectors and four-terminal barrier strip, which is compatible with speaker cables up to 12 gauge.

  • Flex Array: Bose exclusive flexible baffle can be configured into four unique shapes, allowing you to choose the best possible coverage pattern for the application
  • 8-Driver Mid/High Line Array: Eight vertically mounted drivers, each mounted on a custom waveguide, help deliver wide, consistent coverage
  • LF Driver (12"): High-performance woofer provides strong low-frequency output
  • SPL Output: 125 dB peak, for sound-reinforcement and foreground music
  • Frequency Range: 47 Hz - 20 kHz eliminates need for subwoofers for moderate full-range music levels
  • Rugged Enclosure: With six M8 threaded insert points that can be combined with a full suite of optional mounting accessories
  • Integrated Pole Mount: For use with standard tripod speaker stands
  • Requires active equalization

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