Bose Professional 344872-1410 FreeSpace ZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier Expansion


The FreeSpace ZA 190-HZ from Bose Professional is designed to provide basic amplification and sound system expansion when using front-end Bose products, such as FreeSpace IZA integrated zone amplifiers and ControlSpace engineered sound processors. Expansion is simplified when this amplifier is used with a FreeSpace IZA integrated zone amplifier, where one cable connection allows the amplifiers to function together as one system-sharing music and paging sources, as well as master volume control. The FreeSpace ZA 190-HZ ships with a Euroblock connector, a stereo RCA cable, and a standard IEC power cord.

  • Premium sound quality from a reliable, high-quality Class-D amplifier designed to expand sound systems for loudspeaker installations
  • Expandable amplification allows for easy system expansion when coupled with a FreeSpace IZA 250-LZ or IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier. The two amplifiers will function together as one system
  • Compact, lightweight design enables the FreeSpace zone amplifier to be placed out of the way—on a table, desk, counter, shelf or in an equipment rack using the optional Rackmount Kit accessory

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