Bose Professional 321279-0210 FreeSpace DS 40SE VA 4.5" 40W Passive Outdoor Loudspeaker (Single, White)


The white Bose Professional FreeSpace DS 40SE VA is a passive outdoor loudspeaker with a 4.5" full-range driver and a 125° x 125° coverage pattern designed for intelligible foreground/background music and paging applications in retail stores, restaurants, resorts, and more.

It handles up to 40W continuous (160W peak) and is capable of producing a maximum peak SPL of 109 dB. The DS 40SE VA utilizes an integrated multi-tap transformer, which can be configured for an array of 70V/100V settings via a convenient thumbwheel beneath the grille.

The DS 40SE VA is voiced to ensure consistent tonality throughout the FreeSpace DS family, so it can be installed alongside DS 16 and DS 100 loudspeakers without compromising the system's sonic signature. The supplied wallmount bracket allows horizontal or vertical orientation and adjustable pitch or yaw. Additional installation options (available separately) include ceiling-mount brackets, pole-mount brackets, and junction boxes.

  • Ideal for use in retail stores, restaurants, concourse, transportation facilities, resorts, hospitality venues, houses of worship, and ballrooms
  • Designed for outdoor environments
  • Full-range loudspeaker with 4.5" driver in a ported enclosure for surface mounting in foreground/background music and paging applications
  • 125° horizontal by 125° vertical coverage pattern
  • Simple "1, 2, 3" installation system—mounting hardware allows for horizontal and vertical orientation with adjustable pitch or yaw
  • Frequency range (-10 dB) down to 70 Hz
  • Maximum SPL of 103 dB (continuous) / 109 dB (peak)
  • Integrated multi-tap transformer with innovative thumb wheel adjustment for easy-to-change tap setting from underneath the loudspeaker grille
  • Shared voicing across entire FreeSpace DS product family enables DS 16, DS 40, and DS 100 loudspeakers to be integrated on the same system and maintain consistent tonal quality
  • Supported by a suite of optional accessories—ceiling-mount bracket, pole-mount bracket, and junction boxes

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