Bose 737251-1310 Wave Music System IV (Platinum Silver)


The platinum silver Bose Wave Music System IV can produce high-quality sound from your CDs, AM/FM audio, and external music sources. This system features Bose's Waveguide technology, which is engineered to produce enveloping sound. This technology is enabled by two internal folded waveguides that combine to deliver high-quality performance from a compact, newly-redesigned speaker cabinet.

With this system's front-mounted, single-disc CD player, you can expand your listening options with MP3 file support. Its digital AM/FM tuner allows you to listen to free over-the-air content. There's even a headphone output onboard for personal listening. Additionally, the Bose Wave Music System IV can also serve as an alarm clock complete with snooze functionality.

Capacitive Touch Control

The Wave Music System IV has a touch-sensitive control under the top, front, center area of the top panel. Momentarily placing your hand on the touch pad can turn your Wave SoundTouch music system on or off, snooze a sounding alarm, and reset it for the next day.

Bose Link

The rear Bose link easily connects your Wave system to a compatible Bose Lifestyle system for an expanded home entertainment network.

Remote Control

A slim infrared remote lets you conveniently control all system functions. You can instantly access your favorite stations with six FM and six AM presets.

Large Visual Display

The Wave Music System IV features a large visual display with song and station information, plus adjustable brightness and automatic night time dimming.

Additional Features

  • On/off/snooze with just a simple tap
  • Set two different wake-up times with independent alarms

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