Bose 359375-0010 L1 Model II Single Bass PA Package with B2 Bass Module


The Bose L1 Model II B2 Bass Module Package delivers the audio fidelity expected from Bose in a sleek, lightweight, and portable unit. The L1 Model II series is Bose's elite system, ideally suited for pro-level sound reinforcement for musicians, DJ rigs, and more. The L1 Model II B2 Package features an integrated audio input / amplifier speaker base. This Power Stand provides clean, precise amplification for L1 Model II system to the speaker array and B2 bass module, which reinforces the low-end frequencies and enhances the sound of bass guitars, DJ rigs, and more.

The speaker array features 24 small drivers, carefully positioned to ensure consistent front-to-back coverage. Setting up the L1 Model II is quick and easy; simply unfold the feet of the Power Stand and place the bottom speaker array into the slot, followed by connecting the top array. The system also includes cables, two carrying bags, and a bass module cover.

Bose Power Stand for L1 Model II

The Bose Power Stand for L1 Model II is the base unit that connects and powers the speaker array and provides the subwoofer speaker output. The stand features foldable feet that, once extended, provide stability when setting up the speaker column.

The panel offers a variety of connections, knobs, and switches including the IEC power main input, power switch with LED indicator, an analog trim knob, a 1/4" TRS line-level input, a signal/clip indicator, and a bass module output, which can drive a single B2 or two B1 bass modules. Additionally, the Bass-Line Out is a post DSP bass signal output used to drive a PackLite power amplifier for driving additional B1 or B2 bass modules. The ToneMatch port is designed to interface with the T1 ToneMatch audio engine.

UPC: 017817574112

Bose L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator Loudspeaker Array

The Bose L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator Loudspeaker Array provides 195 x 0° nominal dispersion and consistent front-to-back coverage well suited for production and reproduction of live music, music playback, speeches, and A/V sound reproduction. 

UPC: 017817572781

Bose B2 Bass Module

The Bose B2 Bass Module contains two 10-inch woofers and is the option that delivers the most low-frequency output for L1 system users. The B2 is designed for L1 users who need more powerful bass for larger audiences.

A switch on the rear panel offers the flexibility of three output levels, depending on the application at hand. The L1 system senses the setting chosen on the B2 and equalizes the signal being sent for optimized speaker performance. The normal setting is ideal for bass guitar, or when miking a kick drum. A higher setting is designed for DJ and music playback applications. The lower setting works well for acoustic guitar and vocals.

Interlocking end caps allow two B2 bass modules to be stacked on top of one another. An included slip cover protects the module from dings and scratches during transport.

Enhanced Bass Option For L1 System

Delivers more low-frequency output for L1 system users who need more powerful bass for larger audiences. This product is designed to work with the L1 Model 1S and L1 Model II systems

Efficient Speaker Design

Two 10" (13.3 cm), high-output, high-excursion drivers designed to produce maximum bass from a small enclosure

Three Bass Output Levels

Built for flexibility, the B2 has lower, normal and high settings designed for different applications

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