Bosch VOT-320V013H Thermal IP Camera

SKU: sil69621


The Bosch VOT-320V013H Thermal IP Camera features a 320x240 Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor and a 13mm Lens (30Hz), and delivers high sensitivity, uncooled long wave thermal images even in poor visibility conditions or absolute darkness. Enclosed in a rugged (IP66, NEMA 4-rated) outdoor housing with integrated window heater, the thermal camera is well-suited for high-risk applications like fire defense in power plants, coast line monitoring, and traffic control in tunnels. The camera offers a detection range up to 2756' (840 m) and a recognition range up to 705' (215 m).

Using advanced video processing technologies such as multiple automatic, dynamic image optimization algorithms, polarity control (white hot/black hot), and automatic flat-field correction, the camera produces enhanced images. The thermal camera focuses on heat radiating objects and makes visible temperature differences of 50 mK or less. Support for H.264 compression, bandwidth throttling, and multicast capabilities help in efficient management of bandwidth and storage requirements. The Tri-streaming feature enables the camera to generate two independent H.264 streams and one JPEG stream simultaneously. One high-resolution H.264 stream can be used for live viewing and recording, and the lower resolution H.264 stream can be used for low-bandwidth networks. Meanwhile, the JPEG video stream can be easily integrated with third-party JPEG-compatible video management systems and JPEG images can be streamed to another device at the same time.

On being connected to the network, the VOT-320V013H camera can use iSCSI targets directly, allowing it to function as a conventional DVR and stream high-performance live video simultaneously. The camera comes with an SD card slot that allows you to easily store and access recorded video. ONVIF Conformance ensures that the thermal camera can easily exchange live video, audio, metadata and control information, and automatically discover and connect to network applications such as video management systems.

Recorded video can be viewed on a PC using a web browser via the Bosch Video Management System or with the supplied Bosch Video Client. Supporting up to 16 cameras, the bundled Bosch Video Client Surveillance Software allows you to simultaneously configure and monitor multiple cameras via a single screen, as well as archive and search video clips stored on an SD card. The camera also supports remote firmware upgrades.

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