Axis Communications T8344 Power On/Off Plug


The T8344 Power On/Off Plug from Axis Communications allows for remote on/off switching of lamps and other devices. Wireless communication with Z-Wave Plus control devices and Axis' M5065 PTZ network camera enable the plug to be used in small security solutions with less cabling. With its repeater functionality, this plug can increase the wireless transmission range of a security solution by up to 328'. Additionally, the plug comes equipped with a controllable outlet and a pass-through outlet. Wireless I/O connectivity allows for flexible installation as the relay can be moved to best suit your needs. Wireless I/O connectivity also allows the M5065 PTZ camera to communicate with up to six devices in a system utilizing on/off commands.

This device uses encrypted Z-Wave S2 security and is S2 security compliant.

Suitable for small security solutions with less cabling
Flexible installation options enable the relay to be moved to best suit your needs
Minimizes installation costs thanks to not requiring additional cabling

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