Axis Communications F34 Surveillance System


An all-in-one solution, the F34 Surveillance System from Axis Communications includes the F34 Main Unit interface module and four F1004 covert cameras for creating a small sized surveillance solution, ideal for stores and small business offices. The included dome covers and recessed mounts offer various opportunities for camera installation including wall or ceiling mounting. The included cables allow the cameras to be installed up to 49' from the main unit. The F34 system includes the necessary cables, hardware, and memory storage SD cards for simple and convenient installation straight out of the box.

Axis Communications F34 Main Unit

Stream four video feeds through a single ethernet port using the Axis Communications F34 Main Unit. Compatible with the F1005-E, F1015, F1025, and F1035-E Axis F Series sensor units, the F34 Main Unit can create a discreet solution for the surveillance of up to four closely placed sensor units.

Capturing video in up to 1080p, the F34 supports quad view streaming, allowing you to monitor all four sensors at once. Multiple imaging technologies provide enhanced image quality and clarity in all lighting conditions, especially in low light or with extremes of bright and dark in the same shot. Using H.264 and MJPEG compression, the unit offers an efficient video compression, without skyrocketing bandwidth or storage needs.

Multiple user-configured events trigger a variety of alarms to maximize security. A terminal block for external devices such as PIRs, door/window contacts, sirens, and relays provides for additional layers of coverage, and allows the F34 to be integrated into alarm/fire panels to expand their capabilities and provide central station monitoring. When connected to the Internet, files can be saved to a remote NAS or monitoring computer. If not connected to a network, files can be saved to an on-board SD card, with cards up to 64GB supported.

Axis F Series Sensor Unit Compatibility
The Axis F44 main unit is compatible with the following Axis F Series sensor units with cable lengths available in 10' or 39'. The 4-channel unit allows you to mix and match up to four of the F series sensors listed below for a wide variety of surveillance applications.

AXIS F1005-E: for indoor and outdoor use; IP66 dust and water-resistant; 1080p video resolution, 113° wide-angle view, fixed 2.8mm lens
AXIS F1015: for indoor use; 3 to 6mm varifocal lens, 53 to 108° views, 1080p video resolution
AXIS F1025: for indoor use; 3.7mm fixed pinhole lens, 1080p video resolution, 92° wide-angle view
AXIS F1035-E: for indoor or outdoor use; IP66 dust and water-resistant, 1080p video resolution, 1.3 mm, f/2.8 fisheye lens, ultra-wide 194° field of view
Axis Communications F1004 Covert Camera with 2.1mm Fixed Lens

Ideal for use as a discreet surveillance unit, the F1004 Covert Camera from Axis Communications records video in 720p resolution for clean imaging. Utilizing a 2.1mm fixed lens, the camera is designed for covert surveillance of indoor areas. A detachable cable is included, and allows the installer to easily install and connect the camera to the required Axis Communication F Series Main Unit.

Recording resolution up to 720p
Ideal for covert surveillance
Connection cable detaches for easy installation
Must be used with Axis Communications F Series Main Unit
Axis Communications F8214 Dome Accessory for F1004 Sensor Unit (4-Pack)

This AXIS F8214 enables discreet mounting on the surface of a wall or ceiling. The accessory allows the sensor unit to be tilted in the desired direction.

Axis Communications F8224 Recessed Mount for F Series Sensor Units (4-Pack)

Recess mount your surveillance camera into a wall or ceiling using the F8224 Recessed Mount from AXIS Communications. The mount features a 3" compact design for discreet surveillance applications, and it allows you to tilt the mounted camera to achieve your desired angle of view. The mount is compatible with the company's F1004, P1244, and F34 surveillance units. This package includes four mounts.

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