Axis Communications A1001 Network Door Controller


The A1001 Network Door Controller from Axis Communications gives you a stand-alone digital access control system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, while offering easy integration with multiple A1001 units, alarm/fire panels, or IP surveillance systems. It uses an open, non-proprietary platform to be compatible with a wide range of hardware and software from many manufacturers. This open platform lets you choose the best products for the location and application, without the constraint of being dependent on a single manufacturer for all of the hardware and software.

With Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) compatibility, only a single wire is required for installation, reducing material and installation costs. Readers, locks, relays and request-to-exit (REX) appliances are wired directly to the A1001 for data and power, further reducing the need for long wire pulls to a control panel, and additional power supplies. The fully configurable system features multiple alarm triggers and actions that allow you to tailor the performance of the system to your needs. Access is granted or denied at a group level, and with a fully programmable access schedule you can precisely control when users can access a door.

Flexible Interactivity
  • Plenum-rated for ceiling/wall mounting above a drop-ceiling
  • Non-proprietary, open-platform encourages easy use with third-party software and hardware
  • Equipped to work with two readers and to activate two locks, one unit can operate two doors independently
  • Unit continues its normal operation locally if there is a network failure
  • Supports most reader types and is fitted with configurable input/output ports and controllable power outputs for external equipment such as door locks and contacts
Web-Based Software
  • Embedded access-control software in the unit is accessed via web-browsers for use in the same room or building, or from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Comes pre-configured for card readers and door monitors, with input triggers and output on/off/pulse
  • Fully customizable configurations to tailor to specific needs and equipment
  • Access-rights granted at a group level
  • Multiple ID types, like a card swipe and PIN, can be required for specific groups or times
  • Drag-and-Drop set-up wizard for faster and easier configuration and programming
  • Customizable access-schedule for who has access to doors, and when doors can and cannot be accessed
  • Manually override programming to lock or grant access
Ease of Installation
  • Self-contained unit, with single-wire connectivity reduces wire installation and cost
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) compatibility eliminates the need for separate power-supplies for door-locks and card readers
  • Supports Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for PoE, eliminating the need for individual equipment back-up batteries
  • Wiring for readers, relays, and locks stays local at the door between the appliance and the A1001 controller
  • Automatic discovery supported for Axis and compatible products
  • After configuring, the system will generate a printable wiring diagram for the unit based on the equipment being installed
Events and Alarms
  • Tamper detection: An alarm is tripped when the unit cover is removed, if the unit is removed from mounting position, or if the reader is tampered with
  • Power or network connection loss trips an event alarm
  • Open-too-long alarm: When a door is wired with a contact, a programmable time period a door can be left open before an alarm is tripped
  • When an event is detected, a signal is sent to the configurable external port for an alarm panel, NVR surveillance system, or other external device
  • Automatic email notifications and event/alarm logs
  • Single events can trigger multiple actions
  • Fail-secure or fail-open, and N/O or N/C options when wiring door locks
  • Selectable to lock immediately after the door opens, or set to a delay
  • Pre-alarm and pre-lock signal: A warning signal lets either the monitor and/or user know when the open-too-long alarm will trip, or when the door will lock
  • Door unlock-time: The period of time the door will stay unlocked. Automatically locks when door closes after opening
  • Compatible with most reader and Wiegand protocols
  • Supports Request-to-Exit (REX) devices like buttons, sensors, or push-bar. Selectable N/O or N/C
  • Require-manual-unlock option

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